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So far, we have set up a puppet client and installed jenkins using puppet. Before we can go crazy automating all the things through Jenkins we need to make sure our jobs and configurations for jenkins are properly stored in git. In this tutorial we will create a security certificate to allow for jenkins to work against a github repository. We will then create a jenkins that will manage our configuration files and job definitions in the github repository.

Create Security Certificate

The command to create a ssh key is ssh-keygen. Github has fantastic documentation for setting up ssh keys if you

This is a tutorial that explains how to create a puppet client and register it with a puppet master.  We will start by launching a new Linode instance running 32 bit Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx).  Once the instance is running we will install puppet and register it with an existing puppet master.

Launch a new instance

In this tutorial we are going to walk through launching a virtual instance using the services provided by Linode.  You should be able to apply the initial steps to your cloud provider with a fair dose of common sense.